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IELTS S.O.S sponsored by Mon Cricket Hotel is pleased to present Conquer the IELTS and Surviving in English for the first time in Venezuela. These courses will take place in Caracas and San Cristóbal in the first term of 2012 and will be conducted by IELTS specialist MA Lisbeth Zambrano, director of IELTS S.O.S and the special international guest MA Aleksandra Mrozek.

Conquer the IELTS
IELTS exam preparation (General and Academic module)
30 hours of an intensive General or Academic exam preparation focusing on introducing and practising the four components of the test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
You can choose one of the two following schedules:

Week course: 3 weeks from Monday to Friday (2 hours per session) or
Weekend course: 5 consecutive Saturdays (6 hours per session)
*If you are interested in a more intensive course, please include your comment on the pre-enrolment form.

Surviving in English
Travelling& Living
10 hours of an intensive English course focusing on communicational skills needed in every day situation in an English speaking country. This course will be covered in 5 days from Monday to Friday (2 hours per session)

Information about teachers:
Two qualified and experienced teachers holding Masters degrees in Applied Linguistics and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) awarded by University of Portsmouth, England;
Experienced in teaching IELTS in England to students of different nationalities;
Have knowledge and experience in helping Spanish speaking candidates to overcome common mistakes in English that may affect IELTS exam results.

Lisbeth Zambrano: Specialist in IELTS and director of IELTS S.O.S- an online service providing IELTS exam information and training to students all over the world. Member of Ventesol Venezuela
Special International guest Aleksandra MrozekExpert in IELTS exam preparation with experience working as the Director of Studies at a language school in England.

Why study with us?
We believe that these courses will help you to accomplish your goals in reasonable time. With IELTS S.O.S you will:
·            Study in groups of up to 16 students;
·            Have qualified and experienced teachers;
·            Get fair prices;
·            Take part in quality and challenging lessons;
·            Study in modern and comfortable rooms located in a safe area;
·            Have access to private parking;
·            Receive FREE photocopies of up dated learning materials;
·            Receive a certificate at the end of each course.

       As there is a high demand for the courses you need to register as soon as possible! Just click the pre- enrolment form tab and save a place. Pre- enrolment process has commenced and ends on 31st January 2012 (Extended date) Please note that these courses are designed for students at an Intermediate and above level of English as they will be all conducted in English. Certificates may be requested to prove the required level of English. Alternatively, you will be able to take an online placement test which you can book in the pre-enrolment form.

For more information and course registration fees please complete the pre-enrolment form and a presentation will be sent to you in due course.

As soon as we receive the required amount of applications we will publish the dates and timetables for the courses in each city.

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