The Speaking test format

It is very important to know how the Speaking test is structured. It lasts between 11 to 14 minutes – NO more, NO less and it has 3 parts. 

Follow the links below to have a look at a candidate's performance on his IELTS speaking test  and you will have a better idea of what you have to do in every part:

Part 1 (4-5 mins)

Introduction and interview: The examiner asks set of questions about familiar topics. In this part you need to give personal information, talk about everyday issues and express opinions. Watch video part 1

Part 2 (3-4 mins)

Long turn. In this part you have to speak for about 2 minutes on a topic given in a prompt card. You have 1 minute to make notes and prepare your answer. Watch video part 2

Part 3 (4-5 mins):

Developing a discussion.  The examiner introduces a discussion linked to the Part 2 topic and you are encouraged to develop language of a more abstract (and more complex) nature. Watch video part 3

Due to copyright issues, I do not have permission to upload the videos on this blog.

What is the examiner looking for?

It is also very important to know what areas are assessed in the Speaking test. The examiner will focus his/her attention on 6 main areas of your Speaking. These are: fluency, coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range, accuracy and pronunciation.  

For more detailed information about Speaking assessment criteria click here

If you want to read the comments on Lester’s performance click  part 1, part 2, part 3

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